Karoly Greguska

Expert in plastic injection moulding

Address: Diófa u. 7.

Budapest, 1038 Hungary

Tel/Fax: (+36) 1 243-8469

E-mail: greguska@muanyag.co.hu

 History of the enterprise


From 1969 Greguska Karoly worked at the country-wide KuASY Repair Workshop of Írószer Szövetkezet dealing with the repair of injection moulding machines

1988. Obtains the title of Injection moulding master

1989. Foundation of the enterprise

1989.-től Continuous extension of products, automatic injection moulding machines, tools and auxiliary plants

1999. ISO 9002 quality certificate

2000.-2002. Expansion of the fleet of machinery

2003-2007 Development of products

          Expansion of the fleet of machinery

          Transport vehicle procurement

2008  Airfiltersystem

2009- Development of products



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